Different Dog Types As Pet Animals

Amongst pet animals, dogs are the most numerous pet animal in the United States and all over the world. The dog to human companionship dates back roughly to over 10, 000 years; these animals in their present form and the previous have been close to humans, helping them out in various activities and depending on them for food and shelter. With an ESA letter for lodging, you can ensure that you can have your pet creature with you consistently inside your investment property.



Dogs have been bred over the last few centuries to produce different breeds, each with different characteristics, features, and qualities. These pet dogs take on various tasks from novel ones to tasks that have aged, from Emotional Support Animals (ESA dog) to hunting and herding. 

There are over 190 registered dog breeds reported by the American Kennel Club. These various breeds of dogs can be categorized according to the tasks they were bred for. The types of dogs are as follows:

  • Sporting dogs

These are hunting companions that were bred to be hunting companions. Some of these dogs are bred to be good swimmers to help them retrieve waterfowl, while others are adept at spotting and retrieving birds on land. 

These dogs are great overall pet dogs that are good with other humans and thrive in human companionship. They can be great family animals that love to engage their household members in various activities both indoors and outdoors.

  • Hound dogs

The hound dogs are various and they can be divided into dogs that use smell to hunt their prey or those that catch their prey using their physical agility and strength. The taller and bigger hound dogs especially need extra physical exercise and are not ideal for those who stay away from home a lot or don’t have the time to engage in outdoor activities. The emotional support animal letter must be recommended by an authorized psychological wellness subject matter expert. 

With the exercise, demands met these dogs can be affectionate and loyal companions and even family pets that can stay with you indoors. However, make sure that your acute smelled hound dog is on the leash when outdoors as they tend to follow the various scents and often get lost.

  • Toy group

The toy group dogs are bred down from the larger dogs. They hence have various characteristics that they borrow from their larger cousins, such as protective instincts, which some of the breeds exhibit, and become good watchdogs. 

These pet dogs are perfect living companions for city-dwelling people who live in an apartment as these dogs require less space and less exercise. 

  • Non-sporting dogs

These dogs have all the animals that have various characteristics and qualities and don’t fit into any one group, such as poodles and bulldogs. These individuals can be all-around pet dogs, with a bit of everything.

  • Working group

The working dogs are the blue-collar dogs that are best suited for specific jobs, thanks to their high intelligence and trainability. These dependable and high-energy dogs can take part in search and rescue teams, do police work, help the disabled, and protect and guard livestock as well as households. 

  • Herding dogs

Herding dogs have been bred to protect, maneuver, and herd livestock. These dogs are highly intelligent which makes them highly trainable. They can be affectionate pets and playful, energetic companioning. Get your ESA letter for housing with you, which you can give to the property manager.

Their herding abilities make these dogs fit to be family dogs that have children as they tend to use their herding abilities to keep the children close by and stop them from going far, while also protecting them. These dogs due to their need for human companionship are loyal and loving pets, however, they need proper training coupled with indoor and outdoor activities.

  • Terrier group

The terrier group was bred to catch rodents and other small animals that infest spaces inside homes and barns. The terrier group can be a stubborn pet that may require some training from early on. Some of the Terrier groups also need extra grooming care and also require a lot of outdoor exercises. Some of the dogs are not suitable for people who live alone and are not suitable for first-time owners.

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